Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Space is limited so, don't miss out!  If spaces fill, we can put you on a waiting list in case a student cancels.


Payment is due at the time of registration.  Your spot will be reserved once we receive both your payment and registration form.


Refunds can be given up to 60 days prior to the start of the program.  In the event that the camp is canceled due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, everyone will receive a full refund.


We will follow all CDC recommendations and NJ Department of Health guidelines regarding the safe operation of our summer programs. Health and safety precautions to expect are: mandatory face coverings during non-strenuous activities and times when social distancing is not feasible, daily covid screening, and frequent disinfecting of any shared equipment and supplies.  As part of our daily screening, parents/guardians will be required to use our daily screening checklist.  If your child does not meet the requirements for in-person attendance, they may participate virtually.

Click here for our COVID-19 Screening Form.


Before the first class, all parents/guardians must sign and submit a waiver for their child.  Please see the link below for a printable form.  An additional waiver is required for anyone attending classes at Ridge High School.  Please submit both forms.  


1. I understand that Fined Tuned Performing Arts is not responsible for any person or student who may be  injured in class, including but not limited to home instruction and rehearsals, performance or on the premises  and fully accept to participate in the Fine Tuned Performing Arts intensive classes, instruction, performances  and/or activities. I do understand the risk involved and the nature of dance movement and physical activity  and that training is at the own risk of the student and waive all claims of actions against Fine Tuned Performing  Arts and its associates and instructors.  

2. I agree to indemnify and hold Fine Tuned Performing Arts, its members, agents and employees harmless from  and against any and all liability or damage of any kind caused by or to our child in connection with his or her  participation in the summer camp, including the payment of reasonable attorney’s fees associated therewith.  

3. Any student enrolled or participating in any activity in Fine Tuned Performing Arts programs acknowledges  they are in good physical condition and are able to perform activities within the enrolled class, intensive and/or  performance. Any medical conditions must be made known prior to the start of class enrollment and is at the  student’s own risk.  

4. The party or individual responsible for the student participating is advised to provide medical insurance for the  student or participant and will not hold Fine Tuned Performing Arts and its agents, guests or employees liable in  the event of any accident, injury or claim. In case of an emergency, and the emergency contact is not  reachable, I give permission to the staff to obtain emergency medical treatment or render aid for any injury that  may occur while attending classes at Fine Tuned Performing Arts or any related activities.  

5. Additionally, I grant permission for use of any photos or videos of my child for the promotional use of Fine Tuned Performing Arts.  

6. I understand that Fine Tuned Performing Arts reserves the right to dismiss any student for inappropriate  behavior without refund if they feel it is negatively impacting the experience of their classmates.  

7. I understand that online classes may be recorded by Fine Tuned Performing Arts for archive and security purposes. 

8.  I understand that I must complete the COVID-19 DAILY SCREENING FORM in order for my child to participate in any in-person activities each day.  By signing this waiver, you agree and promise to check your child daily, answer each question truthfully, and keep your child home if they do not meet the requirements for in-person activities. If your child meets the requirements, you do not need to bring a signed copy of the form each day since this indicates that you are taking the responsibility of completing this form at home daily. 

* I have read this waiver and understand the terms and conditions of the above policy and guidelines and understand that it is in the best interest of all parties involved.*  

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Emergency Contact ___________________________________ Phone #__________________________  

Parent Signature (if under 18)_____________________________________________Date___________  

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